Bicycle LED Flashlight
Bicycle LED Flashlight
Bicycle LED Flashlight
Bicycle LED Flashlight
Bicycle LED Flashlight
Bicycle LED Flashlight
Bicycle LED Flashlight
Bicycle LED Flashlight
Bicycle LED Flashlight

Bicycle LED Flashlight

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Cycling is a popular leisure activity and for many a preferred means of transportation. With increasing trend of cycling, sadly the fatalities are also increasing each year. Many adventure seeking cyclists ride at night or during low light conditions which makes them more vulnerable to accidents. Data shows:

  • One out of three cyclists deaths occur at night. [1]
  • 34% of the cyclists who were killed were stuck by a vehicle in the dark.[1]

Whether you ride 2 miles or 25 miles, a good bicycle light or flashlight should always be in your travel kit. With our 2 in 1 Bicycle LED Flashlight you can have both. Our flashlight comes with 360° bicycle mounting clamp, which gives you ability to rotate the flashlight and focus anywhere. It can zoom in and zoom out to any specific location. 2000 Lumens high brightness lights up your way up to 100 meters and keeps everything visible in front of you. Moreover, water proof metallic body keeps it working in rainy conditions and makes it strong and reliable. Due to its portable size you can detach it anytime and keep in pocket or travel bag. So, get up, pack your bag and start riding as “You are one ride away from a good mood.” — Sarah Bentley, Cyclist.


Question: How many brightness modes are there in this flashlight?
Answer: There are 3 brightness modes you can use depending on your requirements, high light, low light and blasting flash.

Question:  What kind of battery is required?
Answer: 1 x AA OR 14500 battery is required (not included in package).

Question: How much visible light is emitted?
Answer: 2000 Lumens of visible light is emitted which gives you ultra-brightness and safety in low light conditions.

Question: Does the mounting clamp comes with the light?
Answer: Yes, 360° mounting clamp comes with the light and it is easy to install. No tools are required.

Question: How will I know when should I change the battery?
Answer: High light mode will be dim and quick flash will stop working.

Question: What is the brightness range?
Answer: The brightness range is 100 meters in full brightness mode.

Question: What is the suitable handle bar for mount?
Answer: The 360° mount fits with most of the handles of road and mountain bikes. The suitable diameter of handle bar is 22 mm to 25 mm.

Question: Can I use this flashlight in rain or water conditions?
Answer: Yes, the flashlight is water proof and successfully tested by our team in water conditions.

Question: Is it durable?
Answer: Yes, metallic body gives it extra protection in case the light fell on ground or under any impact.

Question: Can the light be accidentally turn on in bags or pocket etc?
Answer: With the push button, flashlight can’t be accidentally turned on.

Question: Can I keep the light in pocket as it is detachable and can be stolen?
Answer: Yes, the flashlight is portable and can easily fit in your pocket.

Question: Will it heats up if I use it continuously?
Answer: No, flashlight has effective heat dissipation design which keeps the core circuit cool.

Question: Can I use this flashlight for other purposes?
Answer: Yes, you can use it during camping, hiking or fishing. Similar flashlight is used by law enforcement officers as well.

Question: Are you shipping world wide?

Answer: No, only to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, New Zealand and Singapore.


  • Color: Black or Camouflage
  • Power supply: Battery (1 x AA or 14500, not included in package)
  • Visible light emitted: 2000 Lumens
  • On-off style: Button press
  • Brightness range: 100 meters
  • Bulb's lifetime: 100,000 hours
  • Product material: Metal and electronic components


  • 1 x Bicycle LED Flashlight
  • 1 x 360° Mounting Clamp

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